A New Year, A New Decade

Hello and a happy new year to you!

So it's here, not only the start of a new year but the start of a brand new decade, even though I know it's not necessarily anything special in the whole grand scheme of things, it does feel different to a standard new years, maybe because this is the first decade where I'm secure in a job I love, I am a 'proper' adult and don't live with my parents anymore, but I have quite a few things I'd like to achieve in this year to set me up for the rest of the decade.

I would love to get fitter, I'm not going to say to lose weight because that never works anyway! I just want to be fitter and feel healthier in my everyday life, losing weight will come with that but that is a bonus but I want to really focus on how I feel, progress in my activity and health rather than the number of the scales or the number on the label of my jeans, I'm going to the join the gym and push myself! I already know I am the type to give up easily when it comes to physical activity, or push myself once but then not go back and I want to change that habit! I signed up to Shreddy when they had there black Friday deal and the meals look lovely and the exercises look like I could do them if I really stuck to it!

Another big thing I want to achieve is only buying second hand. I already do this I'd say 75% of the time because I live and breathe charity shops! Not just for me, but I am a huge supporter in recycled fashion and helping to reduce fast fashion, the goal this year is to buy everything second hand, home stuff, clothes, crafts etc. I know by working in a charity shop you get everything donated! So you can buy 'second hand' underwear but what I mean is people donate packs of underwear all the time when they've just brought the wrong size or forgot about it etc and it's still brand new! You can also find amazing toiletries in charity shops for a fraction of the price they retail for. I've also started buying makeup on depop, recently bought the Fenty liquid eyeliner set (yellow, pink and white) which I've wanted for such a long time but could never justify buying it new, but this girl got it as a gift but never used it. I always shop on eBay as well and you can grab some great bargains there!

This year I would love to actually dedicate time to this blog and be consistent with my posting, I adore sitting down and writing, taking the time to get the thoughts out of my head onto a page is very satisfying, I'd like to improve my writing skills and blogging skills, hopefully, have a little bit of a following, I'm also toying with the idea of starting a youtube channel, something I've always wanted to do but never had the confidence, I haven't completely decided on this yet, I can't afford any fancy camera (or even a not so fancy one tbh) at the moment, so it would just be on my phone (which isn't great either) but I think it's a start and I'd be doing it more for me than anyone else, but we shall have to see with that part.

I would also personally love to pay off my credit card and enter the next year debt-free! I'm going to try extremely hard to be good with money and pay off more each month, but obviously, this might depend on circumstances throughout the year so I know that's not completely down to me, but I thought this would be a nice little extra goal for myself.

What do you guys want to achieve this year or even this decade?
Hope you all have a fab 2020!
Frankie x


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