Review Of Mousetrap The Longest Running West End Show

This past weekend I was treated to tickets to go see Mousetrap on my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend, the mousetrap is a murder mystery play by Agatha Christie which opened in the west end in 1952 and is the longest-running west end show on record.

The show was located in St Martins theatre near Leicester square (which meant we obviously had to go to the Lego shop and Chiquitos!) this theatre was small but lovely, still having the ashtrays mounted on the walls from when you were allowed to smoke inside! We were seated at the back of the bottom floor, but I was still able to see everything! And they had a small bar and toilets just at the back.

The play itself I found to be very enjoyable, it was not super suspenseful but did get you wondering who had done it and what was going to happen next, but it was easy to follow and wouldn't be confusing for anyone. I wasn't really expecting it to be humorous but found myself laughing a fair bit, particularly at Mr. Paravicini's character.
Completely forgot to take pictures of the
 theatre, so enjoy our stupid excitement
 before the show started
It was all set in one room, there were other rooms you could see the door too and cast could go out off and "speak from" which I found very clever and did make you feel like you were in a big old estate.

To me it was everything I expected a traditional play like this to be, it isn't a fancy west end production with songs, glam, and fantastic sets, but it is still able to capture your attention, and I think that is rather commendable for a play of this nature to be able to do so without those fancy extras. The cast were, of course, brilliant, each character had a distinct personality and played off each other brilliantly, although running time was 2 hrs 20 minutes it went by so quickly and felt like it was over in no time, which I always find is an indicator of enjoyment.

I'd highly recommend going to see it, I mean it is the longest-running play in London for a reason!  Obviously, I can't tell you what happens as that would spoil the fun and tradition of the play, I will just say have fun trying to figure it out as you go through the story.

What's one show you would recommend going to watch in London? Or any hidden gems in any other parts of the country?


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