Tips & Tricks For Charity Shopping From A Charity Shop Manager

Hi guys,
In this post, I'm going to be posting some of my tips for charity shopping! I am currently the manager of a charity shop (which is the best job in the world I love it!!) but before that my whole life I've been a self-titled "Charity shop queen" I love everything about charity shopping, from the good cause your money is going towards to telling people how much my dress was and that its second hand when they compliment me!

1. Go to them!
It might sound obvious and silly, but there is still a stigma about charity shops, but take it from a manager of one its not just old lady clothes and crappy books! I've had some absolutely beautiful and amazing things come into my shop! Louis Vuitton scarf, gold jewelry, ted baker rose gold dress and LOADS of clothes that still have the tag on! There's always a huge range of different stuff that comes in, and I (and most shops) try to make sure we have a balance of stuff for everyone and every style on the shop floor.

2. Go through ALL the racks
We rely on volunteers and they're only human, they make mistakes (and some customers love to make a mess in our shops!) So women's tops get put into the men's section, teenage clothes put in ladies rather than kids, and sizes messed up, so I strongly encourage you to have a look through all the rails! Also, we tend to get nicer men's t-shirts (like band tops, geeky stuff) more often in men's than women.
This tip also applies to shelves in the shop, space for each department is forever a battle in my shop, so sometimes shoes end up on top of the clothes rails (we have shelving), or large items of Bric a Brac do occasionally end up on the floor next to the shelves and smaller gems get pushed to the back when people pick things up to look at them, so it's always worth looking at each shelf rather than skim over them.

3. Don't rely on the size!
It's not like walking into New look/Topshop where you know what size you generally are in that shop, we have so many different brands, and brands from different countries, vintage clothing (which almost always come up small!) and designer clothes. If working in the shop has taught me anything is sizes don't mean anything! My mannequins are a standard size 8-10 I've been able to fit a 6 on them, and then not been able to get a 12 on the next week! If you're unable to try clothes on almost every charity shop will have a standard refund policy just ask what there is, and don't feel bad about taking it back, we can just put it out for sale again so we'll get the money back!

4. Make a day of it!
When I am going charity shopping I GO charity Shopping! I always go to a town that has a lot of shops in one area, not only because obviously, I want to go in as many as possible but when you find a lot of shops in on area especially a town centre, they are more likely get more stock than others because they have easy access and if people are going into town anyway they'll bring the donations.

5. Don't get disheartened if you don't find anything
I enjoy charity shopping, I partly enjoy it I think because I enjoy the thrill of finding something for a bargain! Charity shops in my experience get on a slow day about 20 bags on a busy day this can go up to 100 (obviously this depends on the location of the shop) so there is a constant flow of new stuff going out onto the shop floor! There are going to be times you just don't find anything, but remember the next time you go it's most likely to be filled with completely different stuff!

6. Even charity shops have sales, keep an eye out!
We have sales all the time! It helps shift stock and encourage people to come in! Most shops when they have an actual nationwide sale will go big as well!
I always recommend popping in on the last day/last few days of the sale, as a lot of shops will reduce everything even more! Last 2 days of sale in my shop EVERYTHING in the sale goes down to a £1 no exceptions designer or not it's £1!

So enjoy it! Go with friends, make a day of it, go out for lunch, even challenge each other to find something for each other or a new outfit to make it a little more interesting. Trust be we get loads of people in buying outfits for stag dos, lost bets, birthdays etc!
Hope you found this interesting, let me know your tips when you go charity shopping? and whats your best bargain!

Frankie x


  1. Ah I loved this post! I used to shop in charity shops a lot when I was at uni as we had a few really good ones near me. I only have one close to home right now so rarely find great pieces there but it's always worth a look x


    1. Its hard when you don't live near one, but defo keep trying and you never know whats come in!

  2. Most people will be familiar with the concept of Charity or Thrift shops but many have undergone big changes over the last couple of years.

    1. Yeah many have unfortunately some not for the better, I always strive to keep my shop how a charity shop should be! Not too expensive and full of interesting things!

  3. Great post! I love a charity shop find and totally agree on the size thang - I picked up a jumper that said it was a size 18-20, tried it on and it was perfect on me!xx

    Han //

  4. Ooh these tips are great! The secondhand September hashtag on Instagram has got me back into looking charity shops, so great to have tips for finding more bargains

    Emily x |

  5. Perfectly composed articles. Thank you for the share.

    Nahid |

  6. You are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these beautiful Women Street Style


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