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Sundose- Personal Vitamin Supplements


I think it's fair in saying at about this time in January people start to feel a little rough, cold and flu go round and our everyday lives sometimes get a little busier so it's super important to look after yourself for the next month I'm going to be taking sundose vitamins to see if this makes me feel any better!

Now I personally am not a morning person (at all!) and Sundose are a company that supply personalised vitamins to you, but it's not like normal vitamins, this company completely customise it to you and your lifestyle!When you go to place your order sundose will ask you a multitude of questions, and some might seem a little random (like do you eat brazil nuts?) but it's all so they can figure out what you need and custom it completely to you!
"Sundose is a mix of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 acids, probiotics and antioxidants. They can all be found in your custom formula, provided that you really need them. Sundose is free from any unnecessary su…

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