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The pressures of Instagram as a plus size women

Do you ever feel bad about yourself, about your body, your hair, even something small like your nails!?!
Me too.
It happens to everyone, I''m sure of it, it's an awful feeling, and for some reason when I feel like this I still find myself scrolling through Instagram, and it definitely doesn't help. Sometimes Instagram is an amazing platform and it brings me inspiration, and I love watching other people I follow flourish and be positive and confident, it truly is beautiful, but sometimes it just doesn't help how I feel about myself.
I have always been fat, and although I know in my head you can be beautiful and overweight, your self worth shouldn't revolve around your body, I can't help succumbing to the pressures and wondering would my life be better if I was thin? Would life be easier, would I have more friends, would I have had more success in life? Because the world whether we like it or not is unfortunately set up better for people that fit into that be…

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