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A Little Life Update, I've Moved!

Hello everyone!

I feel like it's been ages since I've sat down and had a write! It's been so hectic in my life the past month or so and with Christmas around the corner it just doesn't seem to slow down. A few things have happened in my life the last few months so I thought I'd give you a quick little update.

I moved!!!!
I am a "proper adult" now, moved out of my parents home at the end of October and into my first flat with my boyfriend Ashley, it was all super exciting and super scary at the same time, but we're settled in, and it all seems to be going well, our flat is lovely and spacious enough room for all my clothes (which was a concern!) and for my collection of Harry Potter Merchandise which is a huge plus! I can now use a washing machine but I'm still a terrible cook, so swings and roundabouts.
We're obviously not going to stay here forever and hope to buy our own place in the near future, but for now, it's ours and even though it&…

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