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Anxiety surrounding the end of lock-down and the return to norm.

So like many people in the UK I was furloughed mid March when the country went into lock-down, my shop closed and that was it. I was off work, binge watching TV shows and getting paid 80%! But now after 4 months I go back to work next week.And I am terrified. I have spent the last few months not being very productive, sleeping in to whatever time I wanted and having no real responsibility, and as boring as it got sometimes, the longer it took to get the date to go back to work the more anxious the thought of going back became.Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my job and how passionate I am about it, and it is not the actual job I am scared about, it is the unknown, it is the risk and how I know I am going to have to deal with horrible customers who don't care about mine or my volunteers safety. I know I'm going to have to deal with angry people when I can't take their items because I am full. I know I'm going to have a huge workload and not as much staff to h…

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